Thursday, 17 June 2010

Richard with his competition winning Black Bream

Richard with his competition winning Black Bream of 4 lbs 7oz, 23rd May.

Oberon is back in Poole once again targeting Bass, Cod, Pollack, Conger and Rays on the offshore banks, not to mention the various other species available around Poole.

Day and evening trips, Channel Islands , Oberon can get you to where you want to fish with safety and comfort.

From August we will have a number of Shark fishing trips.

Dedicated sea angler's or beginner on holiday, join us for a great day out aboard Oberon.

We can provide all equipment and we welcome individuals and beginner's

May has seen a big improvement in the fishing with a number double figure Cod being taken on offshore trips with some really nice Cod to 16 lbs 10 oz on 27th May. During the last month we have had Pollack to 17lbs,Conger to over 60 lbs Tope to 21 lbs not to mention the Blackbream above at 4lbs 7 oz.

Bass Fishing

The Bass in the picture was the first ever for this angler, beginners luck or the right bait in the right place at the right time!

We had just dropped the anchor on slack so we could get the kettle on after some great sport on the flood with a number of good Bass and over the side went a large mackerel.

Five minute's later the cry came , Skip can you get the net as I have a good fish on! As I netted the fish I could see it was a good fish, 13lbs for your first ever bass is not a bad start!!We had two other double figure bass on the same day and still managed a few cup's of tea.

Book now for your Summer Bass trip and have a day to remember,as Oberon is a large vessel everyone can fish the one side on the drift and with plenty of space, This does improve the catch rate and less tangles take place.We also limit the total anglers to no more than 10.


My aim is to make your day as enjoyable as possible and to make sure you catch some fish if i can,like the one on the left taken on a lure from a distant wreck.

I also want to make sure that your safety is paramount at all times. The weather will at times plays a big part in where we can go and what kind of day we may have. Sometimes our plans will change on the day because of the weather, when this happens and we need to change our plans we will discuss options before we depart, i will discuss the details of you trip on the day prior to departure, and you should always call.

I have over 30 years experience as a sea angler and have been a charter skipper for over 9 years. I am happy to offer advice and assistance to new anglers, I am a keen angler and take great pleasure in helping you catch fish.

Channel Islands

Oberon will make several crossings to the Channel Islands in 2010. We make the picturesque island of Alderney our base. The people of Alderney always make you very welcome in the many hotels, pubs and eating places and you will want to return time after time.

The passage across the English Channel from Poole to Alderney can take about four hours. However,during the crossing we will visits some of the many wrecks along the way.

The usual species include Conger, Ling, Pollack, Cod,and Bass. The usual pattern we follow is to move from wreck to wreck and the type of fishing is dictated by what the tide is doing at the time.

Normally during the slack water we try to get the anchor down for a while and enjoy a tussle with a Conger or two. In what seems like no time at all, We will arrive into Braye Harbour.

A lovely village almost totally unaffected by the outside world. A relaxing, welcoming, friendly village where you feel welcome as soon as you arrive.

During our time fishing around the island we will be spoilt for choice in regard to what species we target. When the fishing is over for the day we may raft up on the odd evening and have a BBQ on board with a few cold beers to wash down your fresh bass and bream,not a bad way to round of the day.

Cod Session

Sheltered Deck